With embroidery, your artwork is converted into a digitized file format and then is sewn onto a  garment using a needle and special polyester thread. At Picky Hats, we use professional grade threads and Tajima embroidery machines to embroider custom headwear, sweaters and fleece, golf shirts and jackets.

Custom Embroidery is an automated decoration process where our sewing machines read a digitized file and reproduce the pattern in stitching format onto a garment. Digitizing is the process where your design is converted into a digital stitching format which can then be stitched into the garment. Embroidery works best for logos that don't include a high amount of small, intricate detail. Some custom logos will have to be slightly simplified for us to achieve the best embroidery results for the finished product.

To ensure that the embroidered design will be long lasting on a garment, a cloth backing is put on the inner portion of the garment to help hold the stitches together and ensure that the stitched design does not unravel. This helps ensure that the decoration will last the test of time.

The cost for an an embroidered design varies based on the number of stitches in a logo and the total size of area embroidered.  We typically recommend a maximum of 4x4" for an embroidered design.  The larger and more detailed the logo, the higher the stitch count and associated cost will be. 


Before an art file can be embroidered on a product, its file needs to be "digitized" into the correct stitching format. There are no digitizing or setup fees for our embroidery program for all orders of 12+ pieces at Picky Hats.  For orders of 6-11 pieces, a one time digitizing cost is added for each project. After a design has been digitized, it can be used across multiple products.


Embroidery is a high quality, long lasting decoration method that is well suited for a wide range of head wear including ball caps, toques and beanies. It is also a great choice for hoodies, fleece and a range of corporate wear offerings like golf polos, jackets and some bags. We typically do not recommend choosing embroidery as a decoration method for t-shirts, as the heavy stitching in a design is not always a good combination with the thin, light fabric of a t-shirt.


Our minimum order size for most of our popular embroidered products is 6 units. When choosing an embroidered product for your project, it’s important to consider your budget, what the garment or hat will be used for and what style best matches your brand.  After an embroidery logo has been digitized, it can often be stitched onto multiple different products in an order including hats, jackets or fleece.

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